chill day at sleepy outpost

Just playing around in super alpha CosmoNazis - need to make more levels and do some art for a patrolling nazi

I made a blog to post pixel art that I feel like I (and other developers) can learn from. There are lots of great pixel art tumblrs, but this one is specifically for game developers, so it’s not so much a collection of *cool* art as much as it is art that I feel can be a benefit to other artists/developers.

April 15 2014

tackled UI today (keep in mind, the game runs fullscreen, so this is probably at 0.5x zoom or less) next up is game saves, game over, and level reset stuff!

Thought I’d add a minimap to the pause screen just because I had the code laying around in a dungeon generator I made earlier this year - also showing off Warp, Smash, and grenades again :) also figured I’d give video capture a shot.

pause screen, weapon/power select screen - wanna tackle some options and GUI stuff this weekend, then some art I swear.

the secrets of ur ancestors revealed - New Ability UNLOCK: Cannonball!


mega kid
blues bro


April 11 2014

Worked on some things today - excuse uggo test level

April 11 2014

coolest GUI design afaik

(via tentakrule)

March 23 2014